Samstag, 2. Februar 2008

George Bush und Robin Trower

Ja, Georgi Boy war in Vegas. Leider :-(( waren wir zu der Zeit nicht da und haben ihn nicht sehen koennen. Traurig, traurig. Aber ein Bekannter von uns arbeitet bei EMBARQ und er war fuer die Beschallung zustaendig. Hier sein kleiner Bericht, zwar in Englisch, aber trotzdem zu verstehen:

"I was Bush's official telephone/internet guy today...eek...

Yes, it's true, can you believe it?? I set up all the phone lines (tons of them) and wireless internet for the Bush rally/Republican speech in Summerlin today, at the Emerald at Queensridge, on Rampart. Did all the set up on Monday and Tuesday, but was called on to be the onsite tech during his speech, in case, God Forbid!!, the internet were to go down, and the media wouldn't freak out...LOL..Got to listen to his speech, and all of the clapping... And I bit my tongue. I did NOT yell out, "How many of your kids are serving in Iraq?!" As he brought up how well the "surge" is working. I was quite proud of my restraint. Mostly out of fear of being shot and/or arrested by the numerous Secret Service/snipers all around... Oh well. I was quite nervous, but pulled it off without a hitch. The Senior Telecommunications Executive for the White House, Sunanda, said she was very happy with my job, and will be sending kudos to my boss...we'll see. W. looks old and haggard. I could tell that even at 45 feet from him... He needs to leave office soon, and he is! YAY!"

Und wir waren gestern bei Robin Trower, der Gitarrenlegende. Wahnsinn. Der Mann spielt nicht Gitarre, er IST die Gitarre (ausser natuerlich Jimi Hendrix, der immer noch die Nr 1 ist). Ein fantastisches Konzert, coole Typen (Anwaelte und Spiesser um die 60, die total ausflippen), der Hammer!!! It's Vegas Baby!!!

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